2 June 2015

CICT - Un giorno in ufficio con mamma e papà

CICT participates to "Bimbi in Ufficio" 2015

Work life and family life are often considered separated worlds, as each day one begins when the other ends, just like night and day. Throughout the world though, this situation is slowly changing; often this happens because, due to new technologies, the boundaries of the office are blurred away, making harder and harder to switch off completely and relax properly. Luckily, the change can go in the other direction, too!

This is what happened, recently, at CICT – Cagliari International Container Terminal; for several years now, during the month of May, the terminal opens its doors to the employees’ children, who are invited to the office to learn more about their parents’ everyday work. This year too, CICT joined “Bimbi in ufficio”, the initiative conceived by the newspapers “Corriere della Sera” and “La Stampa” (celebrating this year its 21st edition) with a whole day dedicated to employees’ children. At CICT. “Bimbi in ufficio” morning activities started at 9:00, with a warm welcome, offered by children’s entertainers, some cotton candy, popcorns, a slide and an inflatable castle.  At 11:30 it was time for a bus tour of the terminal, while at 2:00 pm the event ended with a baby dance, a traditional “pignatta” challenge, a fun make-up session and some more food.

Franco Nicola Cupolo, CICT Managing Director, enthuses: “It’s always a joy when kids are around! Year after year, we are happy to join “Bimbi in ufficio”, proving once again how CICT commitment towards its employees is not limited to the business topic, but extends to other social activities, such as the interaction between family and work life. I’d like to thank participants, of all ages, for their presence and their contribution.”

Childeren and parents look like they truly appreciated this out-of-the-ordinary event, as you can see from the attached pictures. CICT looks forward to the next year, to replicate the experience!

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