13 July 2015

CICT: piu sicurezza, piu performance

At Cagliari International Container Terminal the improvement of safety in quay operations goes with the improvement of operational performance: the new road markings at the quay inside the CICT Terminal are now ready. 


Following a careful study by the Operations Department and the Technical Department and with the participation of the QSA Department, the roads at the CICT quay have been redesigned. With the new trafic lanes and road markings, ITV (Internal Truck Vehicle) and other operating equipment traffic will greatly improve and, in general, there will be an increase in safety for workers present on the quay, in compliance with the provisions identified in the new road procedures, which contribute to the better performance of the loading/unloading operations and activities managed by the people in the area, whose safety is guaranteed thanks to the definition of specific pedestrian areas made for them.

Today, performance reached the 27 moves per hour, being well above 30 moves per hour for mother ships, making CICT capable of performing reliable and safe transhipment operations. CICT does not settle, and continues to improve its standards, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of service fro its valued customers.


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