20 July 2015

CICT: nuovo telaio fuori sagoma BROMMA

CICT - Cagliari International Container Terminal upgrades the equipment used to handle oversize cargos, with the new BROMMA chassis frame.


Model OSR45 is an evolution of the BROMMA HSM6, that CICT has always been using, since the beginning of its operations.

The new frame allows a payload height of 2.7 meters (much more than the 1.9 meters of the previous model) and provides a new spreader hooking/locking system, as well as a considerable reduction of the size of the support structure, now smaller and easier to handle.

These are the technical data of the BROMMA OSR45:

  • Frame weight: 2.4 T
  • Weight of the support structure: 1.9 T
  • Compatible with 20, 40 and 45 feet frames
  • Maximum height of the payload: 2.7 meters
  • Load capacity: 50 T

This new equipment improves the operational flexibility of CICT and the quality of its value-added services, as well as the handling capacity of general cargos and non-containerized goods, proving -once again- the attention to the different needs of customers, which is the real strength of Contship Italia Group maritime and inland terminals.

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