23 March 2015

CICT: nuovi record per il 2015

Contship Italia Group Marine terminals continue to raise the bar in ensuring the needs of valued customers are met.

This time it is the turn of the Porto Industriale Cagliari S.p.A., one of three transshipment hubs operated by the Group, strategically located in the Mediterranean.

CICT continues of provide value to existing customers and has capacity available for new customer potential, as further evidenced in recent days when two ships were involved in four operational records:

  • The highest phase in / out record between two deep–sea ships  in the same service : 6,500 containers
  • The highest relay record between two deep –sea ships : 1,970 containers
  • The highest number of moves performed on a single ship : 4,023 contract moves
  • The highest gross hourly ship productivity performance : 92.75 mph


With his usual modesty, Franco Cupolo, Managing Director CICT, outlines ”…there was some concern about the impact of service level that this extensive operation may have on regular operations. But I am glad to say that with careful co-ordination, everything worked out fine. In terms of the numbers , care must be taken in quoting record performances. CICT operates in a highly competitive market and it is sure that others are responding to the challenges of the Mediterranean. Here in CICT, I would rather focus on the value that and what this means for our valued customers: reliable and safe transshipment operations. My team is here to serve: we are open for ( MORE ) business….”

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