23 September 2015

CICT: la nave OOCL Washington da 8.000 TEU scala l’hub sardo per il servizio AZX

For Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) the berthing of m/v OOCL Washington on September 21 2015 marked the third consecutive maiden call by an 8,000 TEUs OOCL ship. 


Likewise for OOCL Southampton and OOCL Hamburg, greeted on August 31st and September 8th respectively, the deployment of m/v OOCL Washington is part of the program to upscale the capacity of the jointly run Asia Suez Express (AZX) service, linking Asia to the Mediterranean and the East coast of the United States.

In less than a fortnight, m/v OOCL Luxemburg is expected to berth CICT, having phased into service in Southeast Asia in mid-September. At that stage CICT will have welcomed the last ship involved in the AZX replacement program, started in July.

M/v OOCL Washington was berthed upon arrival and completed all loading and discharge operations as per schedule. Whilst activities were being carried out onboard the ship – following tradition – captain Gu Y.H. was presented with a customized crest by CICT planning team member Andrea Pontis, as a memento for m/v OOCL Washington maiden call in Cagliari.


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