2 October 2015

CICT conferma la propria abilità nel fornire livelli di servizio da mega-hub

Contship Italia Group Sardinian transhipment hub, Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) September volume surge delivered one of the highest single monthly volume and service performances for almost a decade with a year on year traffic increase of 35.5% per cent.


With a nucleus of deep-sea services reaching 59 global destinations in the main arterial markets, global shipping lines enjoy the added benefit of an ideal geographical location when optimizing their ship networks, as numerous individual services meet in the centre of the Mediterranean also affording the ideal opportunity to efficiently replace ships in any network string without substantially affecting the established commercial service product to end customers.  

Andrea Cervia, responsible for delivering the required service levels to customers explains: ”We have seven fixed day weekly services using the terminal supported by a regional network comprising of dedicated common user feeder services and specific regional services dovetailing with the global networks. We are congestion free, all ships are usually served on arrival and crane productivity continues to be stable at the higher end of expectations. As we have seen during the September surge, the system responds positively to when called upon to go that extra mile.”

Franco Nicola Cupolo, Managing Director, adds: “Our valued customers expect reliability throughout and I thank them for entrusting CICT to deliver on a consistent basis. The regular liner services using the terminal are now increasingly joined by additional ship network calls requiring additional flexibility and just in time connections. The challenge of September with the regular commercial volumes and the exceptionally high number of additional calls was met, without over-exertion on the gas pedal. This is the result of a collaborative effort between the global shipping lines and CICT, whose ideal location in the Mediterranean ensures an optimum package. Larger ships continue to be deployed. We are making ourselves ready. As evidenced by the latest volume surge, the capacity is immediately available. We do not have to increase the infrastructure. It is already available. With the on-going network rationalizations, driven by the deployment of larger ships, is there any other hub location with so many positive attributes: location, access to multiple markets, efficient, congestion free, available capacity, commitment of the people? For the CICT team, our message to global shipping lines is quite simple “We are here, at your service, open for business.”


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