8 September 2015

CICT accoglie la maiden call della seconda nave OOCL da 8.000 TEU sul servizio AZX

The G6 Asia Suez Express Service (AZX) continues its ship capacity upgrade program, with Orient Overseas Container Limited (OOCL) proceeding in the deployment of 8.063 TEUS ships, in replacement of smaller units.


After the m/v OOCL Southampton on August 31st, m/v OOCL Hamburg is now the second maiden call – second in a row by a ship operated by the Hong Kong based carrier. The OOCL program is being completed by the phasing-in in Far East of other two ships of the same size, namely m/v OOCL Washington and m/v OOCL Luxemburg,  which will be calling Cagliari in the near future in the AZX west bound rotation.

M/v OOCL Hamburg, 8,063 TEUS in nominal capacity and 323 meters of LOA, was berthed upon arrival in CICT, Conthsip Sardinian Hub, on September 7th.

”Here in Cagliari - Franco Nicola Cupolo (CICT Managing Director) comments – we have seen, since the beginning of the year, a general increase in the average size of the ships deployed in the various services calling our Hub. Meanwhile, CICT has been able to increase the level of its standards, which in turn make it possible to continue providing our valued customers with reliable, safe and on-time transhipment operations, with ships practically berthed and operated on their arrival in CICT.”

As customary in Cagliari, a ceremony for the maiden call was held on board the ship, with Christian Marras (CICT Ship Planner) presenting a customized crest to Chief Officer Liu Zhidong.


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