19 May 2016

Certificazione AEOF per l’intera filiera intermodale del Gruppo Contship Italia

With the recent granting of the AEOF certification to Oceanogate Italia, Hannibal and RHM – already awarded to marine terminals – all of the Contship companies dedicated to the intermodal and logistics side of the business are now fully certified, for a safer, faster and even more integrated supply chain.


As a continuation of the certification obtained by Sogemar in 2008, all of the companies of Contship logistic business unit (Hannibal, RHM and Oceanogate Italia) can now claim a full AEOF certification (Authorized Economic Operator - Full).

The AEOF certification ensures relevant benefits to qualified operators, starting with an easier access to simplified customs procedures, for faster and more efficient import/export processes; a reduction of physical and documentary controls related to cargo "safety and security" and priority in case of inspections; a reduction of idle times, due to these procedures, and the possibility to indicate a specific location for customs controls, thus enabling greater operational flexibility. All of these advantages help to minimize the risks associated with international shipping and freight forwarding, increasing at the same time planning reliability, a crucial element for every modern supply chain.

This certification adds even more value to Contship integrated offer for multimodal transport, consolidating the reliability of the individual business units, capable of providing customers with a full control over the entire logistics chain, from customs to handling, from rail to road transport, for faster, safer and integrated supply chains.


Follow the links to discover more about Contship Italia Group intermodal and logistics business units:

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