19 June 2015

Cecilia Battistello wins life time achievement award

The award has been bestowed during the 2015 Containerisation International Global Awards ceremony, held in London June 18th. 


Contship Italia Group proudly announces a Life Time Achievement Award for Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, President of the Group and member of the board of Eurokai GmbH & Co. KgaA, the majority shareholder of Contship Italia SpA. The award has been bestowed during the 2015 Containerisation International Global Awards ceremony, held in London June 18th.

Cecilia, continuing in the footsteps of the Group’s founder, has been flying the flag of the Italian company for more than four decades, having joint the Group in 1973, experiencing an incredible journey in the industry as it unfolded, becoming the Contship’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer on 1996. The award recognizes membership of an exclusive and renowned group of individuals in the liner shipping and logistics industry and, significantly, further underlines the importance of the role of women in this sector, who are making a positive contribution to facilitating economic growth and development in the global supply chain.

Containerisation International introduced the Awards ceremony as: “a unique event providing us with the ideal opportunity to reward best practice, talent, endeavor, innovation and creative thinking. The perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of those companies and individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to container liner shipping and the logistics industry”.


“I am immensely surprised and deeply honored to receive such a prestigious award and I wish to thank the judges and all who were present, all of the people, customers, colleagues and partners that I have had the privilege to meet during my professional experience in Europe, Middle East, India, Asia, Australia and Americas. Throughout my life, I have always been driven by commitment and passion in order to ensure achievement, no matter what the difficulties, pain and mountains to be climbed. I dedicate this award to the memory of Dr. Angelo Ravano. His spirit, vision and values live on, still today and tomorrow in the hearts and minds of all Contship people, which are my Family. I would like also to thank my husband, Thomas Eckelmann, for his unerring support to me, my every day” adds Cecilia.


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