25 May 2015

Cagliari continues to respond to demand surges

CICT continues to contribute to ensuring customer networks in the Mediterranean.


The CICT Team continues to contribute to ensuring customer networks in the Mediterranean, even during occasions of a surge in demand, generated from operational phase in / out operations, when a ship is replaced and / or exchanged in the network. Current customer deployment reflects a cluster of services, with an extensive global and regional reach, meeting at the hub port thereby providing an ideal location in which to perform these network requirements.The latest example of these operations took place between May 19th and May 21st when, in addition to regular weekly service calls, the phase in and maiden call of the Saigon Express took place.

Franco Nicola Cupolo provides more details ….”Even if on Thursday, there were still three or four ships alongside, and with the peak demand somewhat receding, it can be safely said that once again the team has responded to customer requirements of this latest volume surge, taking everything in their stride. Of course, peaks in volumes to be handled are not unusual, but here it is a different challenge, involving additional ship calls, generating extra volume and well as live transfers of containers to and from numerous ships, as well as regular and scheduled weekly services. In a short space of time, the impact on the terminal is substantial, with a three-fold increase in berth occupancy, a virtual doubling of the ships and volumes handled per day as well as a thirty per cent increase in the daily number of crane shifts deployed, and I am happy to say that at the end of the operation there was no material negative impact affecting terminal performance, placing CICT up there with the best of class of container terminals located anywhere in the world. We now return to “normal”, but clearly we are ready to respond, even at short notice, to increasing challenges, having at the disposal of any customer, actual and potential, adequate and sufficient infrastructure and just as important the can do, will do attitude of the people here in Sardinia.

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