15 April 2015

Avanti tutta: il Sistema La Spezia sul binario giusto

For La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) – Contship Italia’s Tyrrhenian Sea regional gateway – rail is a key transport modality.

With a strong Q1 2015 quayside performance, RAILability proved its worth with some 10 per cent increase in activity compared to 2014. Containers handled, rail wagons, and the number of trains all increased with notable performances including:


Bologna +35%,

Brescia +28%,

Dinazzano +12%,

Padua +21%

Verona +16%


With 42 weekly trains on the busy Milan route, a similar stellar performance was constrained somewhat, likely to have been affected by operational interruptions in Rail Head Milano, where a full restoration of normal service was achieved on February 17.

The La Spezia System provides a “SEAMLESS” transfer from ship to rail, with all customers benefiting from an average 173 trains on a weekly basis, an increase of 13 per week to all destinations, facilitating a single call to and from multiple markets, ensuring that cargo is delivered to the end user with some of the fastest and competitive end to end transit times in key market corridors such as Asia to the Milan region of Italy.

The La Spezia System does indeed bring the ship to your factory.

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