4 March 2015

Ammodernamento Gru LSCT - Report Progressi Marzo 2015

Being now more than 30 days since the departure of the specialist heavy lift vessel, the TERN is now past the half-way stage, destined for La Spezia Container Terminal. 

Having safely loaded on board 2 x 23 brand new gantry cranes, the voyage is currently on schedule to arrive late March 2015, where final preparations are now being made, with technicians from MGM-OMG, Officine Meccaniche Gallileo being on site to support the final commissioning processes.  The original contract was inked in November 2013 reflecting no more than 16 months from date of order to date of delivery, including a sea voyage of 50 – 60 days from China to La Spezia.

MGM-OMG has a long-standing relationship with LSCT, being involved in delivering a number of crane related projects over the years, explains Michele Giromini, Managing Director LSCT “MGM-OMG is renowned for the engineering and manufacture of high quality products and having worked together in the past it is quite natural to work again with MGM-OMG with this latest project…”

Closer to home, the revamped 20 row crane is almost ready for commissioning and will be moved onto crane rails on Fornelli East, where in a short time, it will be possible to operate 14,000 TEUs ships with up to 6 x 20 row gantry cranes.

With the expected arrival of the new cranes, shortly, a further update on the next “crane dancing”, as a number of cranes will be involved being moved around the terminal, will be made.

Do you wanna dance?

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