4 February 2015

Ammodernamento Gru LSCT - Report Progressi Febbraio 2015

The next chapter in the crane upgrade programme can now be written, with the successful loading of the brand new customized 2 x 23 row cranes safely loaded on board the specialist vessel “TERN”. This delicate operation took place in Qingdao, China during January 28 -29. After final preparations for the sea voyage February 2, the “TERN” is now departing from the manufacturing site and is starting its journey with its eagerly awaited cargo destined for La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT).  

The sea voyage is scheduled to take up to 50/60 days, depending on weather conditions during the voyage providing an arrival date around the end of March. LSCT technical staff have been on site throughout the manufacturing process in Qingdao where the cranes have been constructed by CHINA SHIPBUILDING TRADING (WUHAN ) CO.LTD and HAIXI HEAVY-DUTY MACHINERY CO, LTD. following a project by the italian OMG MGM.

Paolo Mussi, head of the technical department in La Spezia was also in attendance for the final loading and despatch operations, with the specific objective to further define the planning of the operation for discharging in LSCT. “I would like to thank our friends here in China for their professionalism, dedication to the project, as well as the personal support to myself and the on-site LSCT engineering team. The complete process, requiring detailed planning, has gone smoothly and now we are preparing the plan to ensure a trouble free final delivery in Italy.” Prior to Paolo’s trip to Asia, he also had to ensure that the revamping programme, ongoing at the terminal was also going to plan, added “No problems for this element of the turnkey project.”

The three gantry cranes will continue to support LSCT in delivering enhanced service to ULCC ships using La Spezia Homeport. Michele Giromini, Managing Director, explains “LSCT eagerly awaits the final deployment of this new equipment. They are the latest ingredients to “The Spice” and will provide invaluable further opportunities to operate the increasing number of ULCC ship calls deployed by our valued customers. Both with existing networks and the new networks, we witness that the ships are getting bigger, longer, wider, deeper and we are fast-tracking as best we can to ensure that the equipment is available in advance of the original timetable. These cranes will improve the terminal’s flexibility to manage the challenges of ULCC networks and remove any constraints that we experience from time to time on Fornelli West, as the infrastructure will be largely compatible with Fornelli East.“

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