28 March 2017

Al TCR Ravenna proseguono i piani di investimento: operative le tre nuove gru RMG

TCR had completed the first phase of the new investment plan and commissioned the three new RMG yard cranes. Now the time has come for the next phase which will focus on the installation of two cranes to operate on rail tracks and preparation for the arrival of the components of the new STS crane, in April.


“TCR investment plan, dedicated to quay and yard equipment upgrades, continues on the fast lane – comments Mr. Romano Magnani, TCR Technical Director – Now that the three new RMG cranes are operational (and all related works have been completed) both the technicians and the terminal personnel are satisfied, and it’s time for the next step. The transfer operations of the two existing cranes, previously installed in the export area, and now moved on the rail tracks, has also been completed successfully. These cranes will be partially revamped, one after the other, and then employed for rail operations, replacing the one now operational in the same area, which will be decommissioned and demolished.

With the installation of the three new RMG cranes, which increased by 66% the yard capacity, and the doubling of the equipment dedicated to rail operations, TCR wants to consolidate its intermodal gateway value proposition, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a fast flow of goods between multiple national and international destinations.

“After this phase, we will focus on receiving and installing a new ship to shore crane. The components will arrive by sea, starting from next April, until the beginning of August. The new crane will replace one of the existing ones, which is close to the end of its life-cycle, and will allow TCR to achieve the performances that the market expects from an efficient container terminal,” Mr. Romano Magnani added.


Check out the RMG installation timelapse video, featuring over five weeks of work, in less than two minutes!





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