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22 December 2014

Aggiornamento gru LSCT - Report progressi Dicembre 2014

As the year draws to a close, committed investments in equipment are starting to take shape, with tangible progress now in evidence.


Following on from the news item published in September, the crane being revamped in La Spezia underwent the delicate engineering feat of increasing its height in December, with the insertion of 10.00 meter sections in each crane leg.

This highly technical work required meticulous planning and accuracy, that will result in an increase from 29 meters (from crane rail to under the spreader) to 39 meters, which together with increasing the boom outreach from 44.20 meters to 54 metres makes operating 14,000 TEUs ships possible.


Scheduling for completion in February 2015, the crane will be deployed on Fornelli West, along with two other similar cranes, currently deployed on Fornelli East. The latter will be transferred once the arrival of the brand new gantry cranes being manufactured in China. The cranes are also progressing well and are expected to depart on their long sea voyage on schedule for arrival during Q2 2015.

Michele Giromini, Managing Director LSCT, comments: “...Naturally at this happy time of year, people are looking forward for Christmas. A time of peace, hope and friendship, with families and friends gathering together from afar. It is with immense pride and satisfaction that we have now clear evidence of the latest editions to the LSCT “family” with the cranes both in La Spezia and in China now almost with us.

Work will continue throughout the holiday period to ensure the timetable is maintained. New customer networks are just around the corner, with bigger ships due to arrive here in the “La Spezia Homeport”, we will need these bigger cranes to ensure satisfaction to our valued customers.

Just like planning for Christmas, our own plans are coming to fruition and as this is happening before our very eyes, I would like to express a personal message to all of our customers, friends and families for a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas 2014.“

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