10 November 2020

Flexitank: full management and value-added services at the Terminal Container Ravenna

TCR reconfirms itself as a true multifunctional platform, capable of offering high value-added services and versatile and reliable support for the management of chemical and food products


"Despite the moment of uncertainty and economic crisis linked to Covid-19, the traffic of products transported in flexitank does not decline and in Ravenna it finds in TCR an operator with experience and innovative technologies." This was stated by the Commercial Manager of the Terminal, Alessandro Battolini.

The flexitanks are casings made of resistant thermoplastic material, installed inside the containers, usually for the transport of liquids.

Over time, the Terminal Container Ravenna has specialized in the installation and management of flexitanks, in all its phases.

The empty container is picked up and inspected directly from the storage areas of the terminal, which manages the storage of empty containers for the major Shipping Lines, a condition that guarantees savings in transport costs and reduces the time required to make the container available.

Once the container has been picked up, the flexitank is installed directly inside it by expert technicians from Container Service Ravenna, the workshop controlled by TCR and located within the terminal areas.

Once the installation phase is complete, the flexitank is ready to be delivered to the freight forwarder.

In order to make the process even more streamlined and smooth, TCR's customer service team provides complete assistance throughout all the management phases, from the booking opening phase to the management and dispatch of the container to the load.

Finally, the 'flexi experience' of TCR is enriched by additional value-added services, such as the flexitanks disposal service and the flexi and iso-tank heating service.

This service, introduced in March 2020, responds to the needs of companies, especially importers, to bring their products to the optimum temperature before being delivered to the end customer, in order to facilitate and improve the processing of goods within industrial plants.


For more details, read the news dedicated to the flexi heating service


The Terminal Container Ravenna is reconfirmed as a true multifunctional platform, capable of offering high value-added services for all customers and markets that need versatile and reliable support.

TCR offers companies an efficient and affordable service, and it offers to logistics operators an increasingly 'all inclusive' service, proving to be the right choice for the management of products that require special care, such as chemical and food products (natural latex , glycerin, lubricants, wines, vegetable oils, animal oils, liquids in bulk, etc.), which are key sectors for the economic fabric of the Ravenna area.

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