29 April 2016

The value proposition for Med supply chains – Cagliari delivers the message at the 4th Med Ports Exhibition and Conference

As promised, feedback to our valued customers and readers following the conclusion of the fourth edition of the Med Ports Exhibition and Conference, taking place in Tanger between April 27 and 28.


As one of the 25 plus speakers addressing a wide array of logistics and shipping topics, CICT managing director Franco Nicola Cupolo presented the key factors which make Cagliari International Container Terminal the ideal partner for the North African economies, unfolding the concept of extended homeport for North Africa and defining the competitive advantages of the Sardinian hub to support Mediterranean supply chains. Franco was preceded by Valeria Mangiarotti, marketing manager of the Cagliari Port Authority, who introduced the layout of both the industrial and ‘old port’ areas to the international audience.

Numerous visitors were welcomed at the stand, including His Excellency Minister Aziz Rabbah - Transport and Logistics Minister of Morocco. Franco and Valeria, assisted by Leandro Ferrari and Peter Robino – CICT customer service manager and Contship Italia Service Unit respectively – greeted the valued guest and his entourage with a brief introduction of Cagliari and a special focus on CICT activities. 

On the right side, pictures of the event.


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