24 November 2016

Linah sets new record at La Spezia Container Terminal for 2016

Weighing an impressive 153,148 gross tonnes with a capacity of 15,000 TEUs, the 2015 built A-15 class m/v Linah set a new performance record for the year at Contship Italia’s La Spezia Container Terminal, on November 20th. 


The ULCC discharged a total of 2,335 containers the highest discharge performance so far for 2016 and the second highest of all time. With Christmas just five weeks away the ship berthed on arrival and began discharging cargo loaded in S Korea, northern, central, southern China and Malaysia.   

With more than 2,300 containers for discharge, this record import total for 2016 is confirmation of the Italian importers complete faith in entrusting the Contship Italia Group to deliver goods smoothly and efficiently from port to door, by road and rail for delivery to final destination. 


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