18 April 2017

Hannibal launches new rail service between Melzo and Rotterdam

Hannibal took over ERS, managing directly from now on the rail connection between Melzo and Rotterdam, in order to ensure service continuation to valued customers.


The network of rail services operated directly by Hannibal, the Multimodal Transport Operator of the Contship Italia Group, continues to grow. The latest expansion follows the recent suspension of ERS rail services in both directions between Melzo (Rail Hub Milano) and Rotterdam; Hannibal established a new service, which will be managed directly, to ensure a seamless transition for all valued customers.

The next departures from Melzo RHM are scheduled for Friday April 21st (cargo cut-off H. 16:30), Saturday 22nd (cargo cut-off Friday H. 20:00), Wednesday April 26th (cargo cut-off H. 16.30), Thursday 27th (cargo cut-off H. 16.30), Friday 28th (cargo cut-off H. 16.30) and Saturday 29th (cargo cut-off Friday H. 20.00).

The next departures from Rotterdam RSC are scheduled for Thursday April 20th (cargo cut-off H. 15.00), Friday 21st (cargo cut-off H. 13:00), Tuesday 25th (cargo cut-off H. 13.00), Wednesday 26th (cargo cut-off H. 14.00), Thursday 27th (cargo cut-off H. 15.00) and Friday 28th (cargo cut-off H. 13.00).

With this new service Contship’s Rail Hub Milano consolidates its role as gateway platform for the European logistic corridors, providing efficient solutions to address the different needs of the maritime and continental freight transport market.


To learn more about the availability and frequency of the new Hannibal service, you can browse the Contship Connectivity Tool.

For further information on rates and detailed schedule, please contact Hannibal directly at: info@contshipitalia-hannibal.it



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